Heroic Groom Stops His Own Wedding Photo Shoot To Save A Man Who Was Drowning Nearby

Date August 9, 2018 09:26

A wedding turns up heroic after a groom stopped his wedding photo shoot and risked his own life to save a strange man from drowning. His bride must be so proud!

Wedding with an unexpended ending

Wedding is a big day for everyone. Couples plan this special day in every tiny detail and imagine everything to be like in a fairytale. But sometimes, a ceremony can have an unexpected twist.

Zac and Cindy Edwards, who are now the happy newlyweds, will remember their wedding day forever. The couple exchanged their vows and was on the beach having their wedding photoshoot.

At some point, a woman came up to them and said there was a person out there in the water struggling for life. Zac, who is a former lifeguard, didn’t hesitate a second and rushed to the rescue.

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Tamir Dorani /

The hero man wasn’t thinking about his fancy trousers and shirt at that moment. He knew that every minute is precious when it comes to saving a human life.

The groom recalled that incident to Fox News:

 It was pretty hard getting in… we pulled up on the beach and everybody grabs him. I got up and saw my wife running to me in her wedding dress.

Real hero!

The accident happened on Orange Beach in Alabama. The unnamed swimmer, who was miraculously rescued by the groom, is a student from Mississippi. On that day, he could celebrate his second birthday, as nobody knows how the story would have ended if Edwards wasn’t there.

All’s well that ends well! The groom is a real hero. His new wife must be so proud to marry such a great guy.

We wish this family nothing but sunshine in their marriage. Besides, they now have a great story to tell their future children and grandkids.

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