From Wheelchair Bound Teen To Instagram Bombshell, This Is The Story Of Mariana Sfakianakis

Date December 5, 2018 18:15

Cerebral palsy is a condition that causes damage to the brain while still in development and before a baby is born. Symptoms of the condition usually appear at infancy and remain with advancing years, in many cases without further escalation.

Muscular stiffness, abnormal posture, involuntary muscle spasms, and difficulty in walking are some of the more obvious signs. In some cases, mental capacity may be severely limited.

It is advisable that parents seek professional help and get a proper diagnosis if they notice any of these signs and symptoms in their newborn. This will help parents get the necessary education needed for managing children who suffer the condition.

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From wheelchair to Instagram bombshell

Mariana Sfakianakis was born with cerebral palsy and for a long time, she was restricted to a wheelchair. Although she is now able to use her legs and enjoys a massive following on Instagram, it was not easy growing up.

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The Sydney-based business administrator and personal assistant was born in Greece and stillborn. Sadly, doctors were unable to provide emergency care on her arrival and she suffered a massive loss of oxygen to her brain, which resulted in her palsy.


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Up until she was 5, she had severe difficulty using her legs. Her family moved to Australia with hopes of finding better doctors to attend to her condition. Sadly, most of her peers saw an opportunity to poke fun at her.

As a young kid I never understood what was really happening and why I was different to all the other kids. I got bullied for not walking like all the others and for also being in a wheelchair.


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When she was six, she went through a major surgery that almost cost Mariana her life. After that, she could not walk for eight months while her legs healed. Then, she had to learn to walk again.

Although I was told that I would never be 100 per cent normal my results were incredible and I was gratefully content. I never wanted to be perfect. Just better.

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Total turnaround

But all that is ancient history now as Mariana has made a full recovery. Her Instagram page is constantly updated with picture of a remarkably fit Mariana as she shares her accomplishments. Speaking with Daily Mail Australia, Marian says that exercise is the one thing that helped her overcome her mental and physical problems.

Starting high school in a wheelchair was a struggle that lead me to depression and anxiety. It took me many years to overcome it before I decided to drop out in year ten and start my fitness journey.

Marian also added that she had a hard time standing up for herself as she had little or no confidence at all. She would often stay silent and not respond to bullies, and avoided social interaction.


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Looking at Mariana now with her fantastic body, it is hard for her over 50,000 followers to imagine her being anything short of flawless. But the reality of her past is another reminder of how much a person can achieve if they put their minds to it.

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