2 Years And 56 Dates After Her 20 Year Marriage Ended, This 50-Year-Old Woman Has Found Love Again

Date May 8, 2018 14:54

Growing old comes with its challenges and for many senior citizens, loneliness tops the charts. Without family members to visit them at home, many are left in nursing care centers. The U.S. Census Bureau says 28% of people aged 65 and older are living alone.

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Isolation inevitably is the result as senior citizens gradually withdraw from social interaction. This is an unhealthy situation that, in many cases, leads to the early onset of dementia.

Even in old age, people need love and attention. It is what keeps the mind and heart going. Depression is likely to set in when seniors have no one to talk to. Also, isolated seniors are prone to long-term illness.

Stella Grey was bent on finding love after 50

At 50, Grey got the shock of her life when her husband of 20 years said he wanted to be with someone else. One divorce and several vodka-tonics later, she realized that her bender was taking her nowhere. Grey needed to get out of loneliness fast.

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A friend suggested she consider online dating, but Grey was skeptical. She always believed that sort of dating was for younger and more attractive people. Still, she gave it a shot. From then on, her online search for love took flight. At a time, Grey had as many as 14 online dating profiles from eHarmony to Plenty of Fish. If love was on the internet, she was bent on finding it. Eventually, she met a man named Edward.

I wasn’t sure about him at first. We met on a site where almost all the men were looking for casual sex.

Their first meeting was awkward as Grey was still self-conscious, but Edward turned out to be quite the charmer. He was 52 - a tall, broad-shouldered engineering project manager, and had the kindest eyes.

Fearing rejection, I’d sabotaged myself. After the first date I’d said, with fatal politeness, that ‘I’d had a nice time’. After the second I’d said, ‘it was lovely to meet you’, a self-protective phrase that reeks of non-keenness.

But they continued to share messages until a third meeting. Handy Edward fixed a broken pipe in Grey's house, and at that moment she knew he was a keeper.

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Most of the time I was listed on websites I was anxious, earnest, afraid of being judged not good enough. But when I met Edward and we hit it off, when I relaxed and was myself, the whole thing turned into a miracle.

Grey is still sharing her story with the world

Throughout her dating adventures, Grey cataloged every moment in her diaries. This resulted in her book, The Heartfix, published in 2016.

Grey says that even though she is sharing her past with the world, she is always looking forward to the future with Edward.

We’ve got out of the habit of looking back. We look forwards, and life seems full of possibility again, and there’s no better antidote to heartbreak than that.

It took her two years battling loneliness, hundreds of messages, and 56 dates but in the end, this lucky senior citizen found love in the most unlikely place. Now, her story is inspiring millions of other people to take a shot at breaking the cycle of loneliness.

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