"President Austin" Has A Super Power Like None Other, He Feeds The Homeless

Date May 15, 2018

There is a new superhero on the streets of Alabama. And he’s neither 6ft tall nor does he have bulging muscles. 4-year-old Austin Perrine is the man. And he has a special superpower, the ability to feed the homeless.

But how did this adorable kid get his superpower? According to Tj Perrine, Austin’s father, they were watching a TV show about pandas, and there was a part about a mama panda abandoning her baby. When TJ told his son that the cub was homeless, Austin asked, “What’s homeless?

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TJ then explained what it meant:

It's when you don't have a home and sometimes you don't have mom or dad around.

Austin asked if people could be homeless, and his father’s answer was the trigger for boy's superpower.

A superhero is born

From that moment, he decided that he would take on a mission to feed as many homeless people as he can. Austin told his parents that he would dedicate all his allowance for toys to buying chicken sandwiches for homeless people.

CBS News / YouTube
CBS News / YouTube

In a world where many people are preoccupied with their own problems, it is heartwarming to see children like Austin sharing the little they have and passing on the love.

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His name is “President Austin”

Every superhero has a super name, and Austin picked one for himself. But it is not particularly traditional. He is President Austin, but he chooses to wear a cape and blue suit like Superman.

CBS News / YouTube

It may seem a bit confusing to some people but for Austin, this is what a real superhero should be like in real life, a cross between a President and a Superman.

With a courteous greeting and a warm smile, President Austin is sharing his light of kindness in Alabama every weekend. And he encourages people to do the same.

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