After 4 Years Of Waiting, 10-Year-Old Boy Finally Gets Heart Transplant And Begins Breathing On His Own

Date October 17, 2018

Brayden Eidenshink, who is now 10 years old, was put on a heart transplant waiting list at the age of 6. Brayden was born with a heart defect and suffers from pulmonary hypertension and many other health issues. 

Waiting process can be truly maddening, especially when you wait for life-saving surgery.

Thanks to the San Jose Police Department officers who visited the boy with cheering smiles, joy, and a shower of gifts. They brought along a slew of SJPD memorabilia  — including a stuffed bear in uniform that dances to the Cops theme.

Brayden was so excited that he couldn't stand but exclaiming how much he loved their presents.

The bear is my favorite!

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He estimates he's received more than 560 police and fire patches so far! His mother, Brenda, encouraged him to gather all gifts from each state while he was waiting for a heart transplant at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital.

On February 12, 2018, Brenda posted a message acknowledging the audience with Brayden's project on collecting law enforcement patches. According to her statement, Brayden was overwhelmed and surprised when he got a bunch of presents from fire and police departments of all states.

This means so much to him. We appreciate these officers and everyone who has gone out of their way to send us badges. They bring him a lot of joy.

A heart transplant goes with flying colors

October 15, 2018, will be remembered by the Eidenshinks forever. It was the day of Brayden's life-saving surgery. He finally received his donor heart after 4 years of being in the waiting list. And thank God, he is off breathing machine!

Brayden is seen on the Facebook page "Brayden's Brave Heart" listening to his new heart with a stethoscope. 

Parents also claimed that there would be a chance for various risks to be reduced and eliminated due to the donor's heart. But they aren't going to give up hoping and praying for the best to their baby safe and sound.

Brayden can't express how blessed and happy he is now. He can finally feel the full version of himself and enjoy every moment breathing independently. 

Global support apart from law enforcement officers

We sincerely hope that Brayden will get well soon and his life will be full of joy, fun, and blessings. 

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