Australian Life Coach Who Is Tired Of Breakups Gets Married To Herself In A Beautiful Ceremony At The Beach

Date November 20, 2018

You must have heard of monogamy and polygamy, you might have even heard of bigamy, but have you heard of sologamy? Despite the relatively alien nature of this concept, it is actually quite popular. This term, defined by the parent word 'solo', simply refers to the act of marrying oneself.

Rampant rise in self- marriage

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In the past year, this nature of marriage has created a large buzz as more people are reported to walk down the aisle alone. While many might dismiss it as a millennial narcissistic indulgence, those who have married themselves beg to differ.

According to them, it is simply a rite of self-love. It is a ceremony where they remind themselves of their self-worth. Linda Doktar is one of those people.

Linda Doktar follows the life of sologamy

Following a breakup from a hellish, abusive relationship, Linda had an epiphany which led to a decision, to marry herself.


IT'S OK TO HAVE A DREAM & ACT ON IT . Gorgeous it is ok... To have a dream and turn it real. It's ok to want more and do something to have more. It is ok to source and pursue opportunities that will allow you to live your dream. . It is also ok to NOT want more. It is ok to remain where you are. It is completely ok to stay in this current version of your life. . BUT IT IS NOT OK TO TEAR OTHERS DOWN WHO CHOOSE THEY WANT MORE. . It is NOT OK to attack people who choose to look at new opportunities to grow their dream. It is NOT OK to try and hold others back from having more in life. It is NOT OK to be a dream killer because you were too afraid to pursue your own dreams. . Today I am being called to show up with a firmer love nudge than usual... . Why? . Because I care for you so deeply. I care for your happiness. . (You might be thinking "but she doesn't even know me"... That is true. I don't personally know all of you reading this. But it's that crazy thing called PURPOSE that makes me care for all of humanity). . If you get triggered by my writing then I invite you to please stay with me. Perhaps this is an opportunity for you to let your guard down and to allow yourself to be cracked open. Because only then can we create change. Only then can we see what is really true for ourselves. . Because here's the thing... . Our fears and limiting beliefs may blur our vision. Our conditioning may hold us back from moving forward. Our low self-esteem or lack of self-belief may sometimes turn us green with envy, and we may unconsciously start resenting people who take action and go for what they really want. . This is a friendly reminder to stay focused on our own journey. To step into into our own lane and stay in our own lane - no matter where that is and what that looks like? . If you are someone who is chasing your dreams and taking massive action toward it - GREAT! Stay in your own lane, looking sideways will only distract you from your goal. . If you are someone who chooses to stay where you are and keep doing what you are doing - THIS IS GREAT TOO! . But - . Allow people to choose their own path. Allow people to do what they want to do. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼continued

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While self-marriage might not be legal, it symbolizes a turning point in the lives of a lot of women, which is all that matters. Linda says she is still very open to relationships with other people as she is healing.

Following her wedding, Linda posted pictures to commemorate the event.

The photos got various comments on how beautiful and brave her decision was.

While some have praised her for her actions, others disagree with her and believe it is not right.

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