Kindest Thing Ever! Supermarket Manager Granted The Boy With Down's Syndrome His Wish, Whose Dad Was Struggling With Him

Date November 5, 2018 16:55

Special kids are challenging and handling them is quite a task. But somehow, they can bring out the best in people!

David Burke was along with his son, Jay who has Down's syndrome at Tesco, Bradford. Soon Jay was stuck on wanting to bill his purchases at a till by himself. The worried dad tried hard to convince him otherwise. Meanwhile, the manager, James noticed David struggling with his son and stepped in to help.

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The kind James and his security manager opened a new separate till for the boy and let him counter his shopping by himself. Jay seemed beyond happy and satisfied as he scanned his items. The amazing manager also assisted him in doing it correctly.

 A massive thumbs up to Tesco and its incredible staff. People agreed on the same!

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Public reaction

As the video made by David was posted, social media users gave a shout out to James for his effort. It really made their heart swell with the joy of witnessing such compassion. Someone, give the manager a medal, please!

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Parenting a kid who has Down's syndrome

The best thing moms and dads of such special individuals can do is, learn about this condition thoroughly They can sign up for online programs or read out from resources to help their child better. As the kid relies on the caretaking parents, they should keep themselves healthy too.

Here are few tips to keep parents uplifted in their routine:

  • assign chores to your child to do around the house, break them up into smaller steps and be extremely patient;
  • let your kid play with other children who may or may not have Down syndrome;
  • have high hopes and expectations as your child struggles and learns new things;
  • try to make special time to play, read, have fun, and go out together;
  • assist and support the child in doing day-to-day tasks on his own.

Kindest Thing Ever! Supermarket Manager Granted The Boy With Down's Syndrome His Wish, Whose Dad Was Struggling With Himnd3000/

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