Happy Tears Time! Brother Serving As A Marine Came To Surprise His Big Sister On Her Wedding Day


October 11, 2018 17:20 By Fabiosa

This story would make you shed happy tears. One of the most beautiful relations, brother-sister was portrayed at its peak when this baby brother gave his sister the best wedding gift, his presence.

Younger brother, Joseph was supposed to be away on a ship, preparing for an upcoming deployment at the time of his sister, Katie's, wedding. In a moment of helplessness, it was decided that Joseph would make a video to congratulate her in a special way.

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He went on to say every possible beautiful thing about his sister. Recalling their lovely childhood and showing how proud he is, of his brother-in-law to be. Surprisingly, he was relieved of his duty as a Marine early and he could now attend the wedding. As Kate waited for her husband to get the first look, her brother showed up instead.

Their joyous emotions were stirred up as they both cried with overwhelming feelings. Kate's genuinely gleeful reaction has turned out to be the most touchy thing to witness on the internet today!

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People's reaction to their sweetness

Social media users showered love on their emotional reunion. Joseph was greatly appreciated for making such an effort for her sister's big day.

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Kate's family

Kate is now happily married to Sarge Joe who also serves in the army. Recently, their bliss was doubled when they welcomed their baby boy. Joseph is also proving to be the best uncle to him.

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