School Refused To Allow Cancer Patient Wear Turquoise Wig, Says It Is Against Dress Code

Date September 24, 2018

Katilyn Pepper is fighting cancer again and is losing her hair in the fight. The survivor of cancer was recently rediagnosed of brain cancer and has had to go through treatment. 

In a YouTube video which she posted, she talks about how she did not expect to lose hair but since this treatment was a bit different from the last one. And then, it started to come off.

During camp, she noticed that even more hair was falling out with her braids, and so, she decided to shave that part so it could look better.

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Her hair is off, her wig is on, but the school is not having it

When she got back home, Katilyn and her mother were set about looking for a suitable wig for her. The turquoise colored wig was found and she wore this to school. According to her, she received compliments on how great the hair was until two principals called her. The hair had apparently gone against school regulations on suitable types of hair student were allowed to wear. 

This rule was written in the McKinney ISD Student Dress Code, where it was stated that disruptive hair was not allowed. Because the color of her wig was "disruptive," she was advised to get another wig. In a letter she wrote to her school, asking for permission she stated,

 I'm empowered by wearing this wig although it's subtle in color it gives me an abundance of strength and power to grieve the loss of my hair, and gives me the fortitude I need to fight this battle I'm facing with cancer.

The school soon made the decision to allow Katilyn wear her wig as an exception. Though it came after Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) addressed the school on his Facebook page.

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Massive support from her friends

So far, Katilyn has gotten so much support from people who have heard her story.

We wish Katilyn speedy recovery in her fight with cancer.

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