Man Reunited With His Savior: The Kind Woman Who Found Him Buried Alive As A Baby And Rescued Him 20 Years Ago

Date October 4, 2018 18:56

Some may intend a soul to depart and try to end life. But what fate has planned, has to happen, who has to live will live no matter what. The story of this young man who was buried under dirt alive as a baby proves the point!

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The baby boy who was buried alive

For 20 years, Matthew Christian Whitaker was unaware of the origins of his survival.  His non-biological grandmother disclosed to him, how he was found in 1998.

He expressed his reaction to the unbelievable story at iHeart Radio as:

I was just in pure awe. I went home and did research. Then I started telling everyone because I felt so cool that I survived the impossible.

Thanks to a friend who submitted him for a 23 and Me DNA kit. He confronted his past in Ryan Secrest Radio Show. Mathew deliberately took the DNA test that could now enable him to meet his relatives and possibly the legendary lady who saved him.

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Meeting with his miraculous savior

The little one was abandoned and left to die in the middle of nowhere. He was mercilessly shoved into a shallow grave. Lucky for him, a woman named Azita Milanian passed by, with her dog while hiking. She saw limbs sticking out of the ground. When she unraveled, she found an unconscious newborn with the umbilical cord still intact.

She ran for her car to call 911 and all this time Mathew barely clung to life. But he had beaten all odds, was successfully saved and later adopted. But Azita was parted from him for good.

She was anxious to meet him as she was waiting inside a room at the radio studio. Tapping her feet nervously with gifts in her hand for her baby angel. When they finally reunited after 20 long years, Azita was all tearful and said as she hugged Matthew Whitaker:

I was waiting for you for 20 long years. Finally, all my dreams came true!

What a happy ending to the tragic beginning!

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The lady was inspired by meeting Mathew again

After finding Whitaker, she was inspired to start Children of One Planet, a nonprofit organization that helps orphaned children around the world. In addition to this, she will also assist in raising awareness for educating teens, health and
safety issues including teenage pregnancy and child trafficking.

It's astonishing how someone's cruel act was channeled into a chain reaction of love, kindness, and compassion.

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