These Adorable Toddlers With Down's Syndrome Are Inseparable Ever Since Their Moms Brought Them Together


September 24, 2018 22:16 By Fabiosa

This may actually change our concept of people with disabilities. No disease in the world can rip a human of their compassion!

The challenges of Down's syndrome are closely related to learning and development. However, not all areas of it are equally affected in most children. 


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Down's syndrome and social skills

It is observed that Down's syndrome kids have particular strengths and weaknesses compared to normal kids. They may feel more and are sensitive. This may result in complicated social skills. 

According to experts, they may have problems in expressing or blending in with others intellectually. But they still have the definite need to be social.

They might not be comfortable in conversing verbally. These extraordinary kids have their own way of connecting with others. We just need to catch-up with their feelings.

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Incredible bond between two toddlers

Lana and Amy thought about introducing their babies who both have Down's syndrome to one another. They only hoped for a little meeting among them. And had never imagined the incredible bond that their babies would form. Amy’s son Cutler and Lana's daughter Clara instantly became best friends.

The mothers were only acquaintances. They told Independent News,

We just laid the babies out on a comfy blanket and they started touching each other - you could see that there was a connection between them..

Clara and Cutler both are three years old now. These cuties meet up regularly and happily spend time together. They also accompany each other to physical, occupational, and speech therapy sessions.

What's more amazing? Their qualities are perfectly balanced, as Clara is more outgoing while Cutler is shy and reserved.

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How can I help my child develop friendships?

Whether your kid shares the same condition as Clara and Cutler or not, assist them in socializing. Parents can admit their child in special sports team to provide additional opportunities for friendships outside of school.

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The good news is that sometimes your son or daughter will make friends on their own. Other times, you have to practice their social skills and make them learn from you. Encourage and support your child’s interests and skills. Shared interests can be a good basis for making friends.

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If all fails, be friends with them yourself. Share love and joy with them no matter how they respond. Please comment if you agree!

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