How A Ginger Beard Can Turn You Into A Top Model: An Glow-Up Story Of A Former Pencil Pusher

Date March 4, 2019

According to recent research, appearance is affecting our behavior, and people’s desire to look better means that they are striving for social standing in society.

How A Ginger Beard Can Turn You Into A Top Model: An Glow-Up Story Of A Former Pencil PusherRustle /

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Americans are spending billions of dollars every year on their physical appearance, and undergo numerous transformations.

Grew a beard and became a model

Gwilym Pugh was operating a life insurance company from his spare bedroom and gained quite a lot of weight after working from home for some period of time.

Of course, he was tired of spending all days behind the desk and wanted to change his life somehow. And that long-awaited moment has come after he followed barber’s advice to grow a beard.

After that life-changing decision, he managed to become a top fashion model. The man has already appeared on pages of GQ and Hunger magazines and has even worked with the football star, David Beckham.

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His secret to losing weight

Moreover, Gwilym Pugh lost 91 pounds and now, looks indeed handsome. He opened up his secret of losing weight and claimed he managed to identify a winning solution.

An awareness when making food choices based on my level of activity throughout the day and what I have eaten up until that point.

Gwilym Pugh was a regular man, working in the insurance company. But one day, he changed his life and became a model after growing a beard.

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