Doctor Couldn't Find A Woman Of His Life, So He Decided To Create Her By Doing Plastic Surgeries For A Woman He Met. Did He Propose Then?

Date October 28, 2018 20:11

All people are born beautiful in their own way. Nevertheless, not everybody can accept their body and the way they look, and they become dissatisfied with their appearance. According to the statistics from the Science Direct, both men and women are equally unhappy with the way they look.

This man decided to use his professional skills to create his perfect woman. What is the result?

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The plastic surgeon used his body sculpting skills to transform the dream woman before proposing to her.

Dr. David Matlock and Veronica met each other back in 2007, when she was around 40lbs heavier. At that time, Veronica visited the doctor in order to make a vaginoplasty after giving birth to her daughter Isabella.

Veronica remembers that day with a smile on her face. During the interview with the Daily Mail, she said:

I couldn't even look into his eyes because of the reason I was there. I was so shy and bashful, but he says it was love at first sight.

But besides the desired surgery, Dr. David Matlock offered Veronica to make some other transformations and to become a 'wonder woman'.

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Dr. Matlock didn’t hesitate to ask Veronica out for a date. After a while, he proposed to her and has been helping to enhance her figure ever since.

As a result, he made her a liposuction of the chin, arms, and legs, and a Brazilian butt lift.

Now, Dr. Matlock claims he has a perfect wife after all plastic surgeries he has done for her. Nevertheless, Veronica’s daughter, Isabella, says she will never get surgery and prefers to be herself.

People keep leaving negative comments, writing that it was not necessary to undergo such a major transformation.

In most cases, people don’t need plastic surgeries to look beautiful, as everybody is unique in their own way.

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