Never Before Seen Medical Miracle: Two Women Carried The Same Baby

Date November 2, 2018 13:22

Of course, every person deserves to be happy and have a loving family. That’s why, when partners get married, they start thinking about having a baby and becoming devoted parents. But what about same-sex couples? Usually, they choose between the surrogate option and adoption (one partner carries the baby and gives birth, while another one adopts it).

But these two women made a sensation, as two of them literally managed to carry the same baby. But how is it even possible?

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Ashleigh and Bliss Coulter from North Texas feel themselves as happy as never before, holding their 5-month-old son Stetson. They became the first couple to deliver a child they both carried, thanks to the Reciprocal procedure.

Before getting married in 2015, Ashleigh and Bliss have already discussed the topic of having babies one day. They started to look for specialists and finally found Dr. Kathy Doody, who told them about a possibility of Reciprocal IVF.

It is a type of IVF, which gives two women to be involved in the process. Extracted eggs of one woman are fertilized in the special laboratory to create an embryo. Sometime later, it should be placed in another woman, who will carry the baby and give birth.

For years, the reciprocal IVF method was used for same-sex couples. But this time doctors decided to try a different method.

Dr. Kathy Doody and her husband Dr. Kevin Doody were the first ones in Texas to try reciprocal IVF using radical technology. The process starts like the traditional IVF, but instead of placing eggs and sperm into lab incubator, they are placed into the chamber of the INVOcell device. After that, it was put into Bliss’ body for several days until the beginning of the embryo development.

As reported by the WFAA, Dr. Kathy Doody said:

She got the embryo off to an early start. The eggs fertilized in her body and when they returned five days later, we removed the device and froze the embryos. It turns out, not surprisingly, that the woman's own body is a very good incubator. We have livers, kidneys and lungs so we're able to provide those same services to the embryo more naturally.

After some time, embryos were transferred into Ashleigh's body. In this way, two women got a chance to carry one baby.

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Nevertheless, some people don’t support them and can’t understand their decision to carry the same baby together.

Now, Ashleigh and Bliss are happy parents of baby boy Stetson and even think about a sibling for him. They are so brave and motivated!

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