Oregon Woman Found A Stray Lion Asleep In Her Home. What She Did To Make It Leave Has Turned Her Into A Social Media Star


July 26, 2018 13:17 By Fabiosa

A woman from Oregon, Lauren Taylor, has become an internet sensation because, well, according to her, she possesses special skills that make lions do what she wants them to do!

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Bizarre story 

In her Facebook post that has since attracted no less than 20,000 likes, she claims that a mountain lion - cougar - was in her apartment for 6 hours, but the animal did not harm her.

Instead, it slept peacefully and when she wanted it to leave, it calmly went on its way. 

Her magical feline-speak eye blinking

How did she do this? Lauren says she used "telepathy" to eject the unwanted house guest after it was done with its sleep.

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Here's what she reportedly did after the dangerous animal was startled awake: 

I consciously raised my frequency, gazed lovingly into her eyes, and communicated using feline-speak eye blinking to calm her.

Weird animal encounters

While her experience - getting a visit from wild animals - is not unusual, her method of ejecting potentially dangerous intruders certainly is, and people are in awe of this unusual story.

We are intrigued by Lauren's story as well and would love to read about any weird encounters with animals you've had in the past and how you got out of this situation.

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