5th Grader Chose To Protect The American Flag In His School At All Cost Even If He Ended Up Ruining His Clothes

Date October 2, 2018 16:44

At a time when most Americans say they have very little reasons to be proud of their country, one 5th grader has gone the extra mile to show that his loyalty to his country comes first no matter the cost.

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True Patriots

A report just before July 4th showed that the number of Americans who were proud of their country had dropped drastically from a 2003 peak. But this story may just be the confidence boost needed to fix national pride.

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Amanda Reallan told Love What Matters that she watched students of Hayden Meadows Elementary take down a national flag placed in front of their school. And while they struggled to fold the flag without letting it touch the ground, another student got underneath, laid down on the floor and made his body a shield between the flag and the floor.

They explain why they protected it at all cost

The boys, all in the 5th grade, Naylan Tuttle, Jack LeBreck, and Casey Dolan spoke to Jack said:

If you let it touch the ground then you disrespect our country is what I heard.

It's no surprise that they made this admirable decision to protect the flag at all cost. The school's custodian who's responsible for minding them, Mac McCarty, taught them well.

The former serviceman worked in the United States Air Force and has 20 years of service under his belt. He also has a long line of servicemen in his family.

Other little heroes

And like them, two other little boys got a lot of praise online for going the extra mile to protect their school flag. While it was raining cats and dogs, Isaac and Nate went outside to complete their flag duty. They did not only bring down the flag, but they also folded it the right way under the rain.

These little heroes may not be fighting to protect their country and they don't have to! In their own little way, they are doing something meaningful to restore the pride of their fellow citizens in their country. Thoughts?

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