All Because Of One Loving Touch: This Stray Dog Went From Being A Terror To The Happiest Pup In The World

Date November 9, 2018 15:24

The viral story of a rescue dog named Benji is giving everyone online the feels. It might just make you adopt a stray dog.

All Because Of One Loving Touch: This Stray Dog Went From Being A Terror To The Happiest Pup In The WorldJavier Brosch /

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He was homeless his whole life

Benji had been homeless his whole life. For years lived on the streets until the California-based shelter Hope for Paws got a call to do something about the hostile looking stray dog in the neighborhood.

When they found him, he was under a chevy and as soon as they approached him, he ran towards a busy intersection clearly scared for his life. They finally got the leash around his neck, but he lost it and remained agitated for a while.

He'd never known a loving touch in his life

Benji's furs were overgrown and dirty. From the heartbreaking way he reacted to being petted, it was clear he'd never been touched in a loving way before and had serious trust issues.

But the precious little stray eventually calmed down enough to be taken in for some much-needed care and his transformation was totally unexpected.

It turns out, all Benji needed was some love and friendship. Underneath those overgrown dirty brown furs filled with bugs, he was really a happy dog with the most beautiful soul.

Adopting a stray dog is good for you

Hope for Paws sent out a request to give Benji a permanent home and almost immediately, the requests began to pour in. Now Benjy has a loving home.

Adopting a rescue dog is perhaps one of the most fulfilling things you can do. According to mentalfloss:

  1. You might land a movie star dog with special skills.
  2. They are easier to housetrain.
  3. The chances that they have already been given their shot, and that they have been spayed/neutered are pretty high.

If none of these reasons do it for you, consider the fact that you'll be helping to reduce the population of stray pets. That's something to feel great about.

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