62-Year-Old Multiple Sclerosis Survivor Montel Williams Almost Died Of A Dangerous Stroke While Working Out

Date October 22, 2018 14:06

In late May, 62-year-old Montel Williams was doing dumbbell squats at the gym to stay fit and healthy when he suddenly started feeling strange.


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He almost died while exercising!

He took some time off his exercise routines, but 5 minutes later, the talk show host realized that this was a potentially deadly situation.

The first thing he did was make an emergency call, and within minutes, he was rushed to a nearby hospital in New York. His reps later confirmed that he had suffered a near-deadly stroke and said Montel had been over-doing it at the gym.

He got lucky

The entertainment personality is a Multiple Sclerosis survivor. If the emergency responders had delayed or had some difficulty reaching him, it could have been a different story altogether.

For this, Montel is grateful. He told Good Morning America that he'd spent 21 days fighting for his life in intensive care after doctors told him he had suffered a cerebellar hemorrhagic stroke. The rare stroke, according to experts, can either kill or cause severe neurologic deficits in 50 percent of patients.

Save yourself with these quick steps

Strokes are brain attacks that happen when a clot or burst prevents oxygen or blood from reaching the brain. and the longer an attack lasts, the more vulnerable a victim is to brain damage.

62-Year-Old Multiple Sclerosis Survivor Montel Williams Almost Died Of A Dangerous Stroke While Working Outpuhhha /

Here are a few things you can do as fast as possible to prevent this from happening:

  1. Like Montel, call 911 urgently and make sure to note the first time you see symptoms.
  2. Perform a CPR if necessary, but do not give the victim medication, food or drink.
  3. It's important that you do not let a stroke victim go to sleep even if they desperately ask or drive themselves.

Your first priority should be getting a stroke patient to the emergency room. Most of the drugs administered are time-sensitive. Stay alert and healthy!

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