Beautiful Timing: Emotional Moment Bride Changed Into Her Mom's 1979 Wedding Gown For The Father-Daughter Dance

Date October 3, 2018 17:06

What's a wedding without beautiful sentimental moments that would be remembered for years? This bride was looking to make lasting memories, but she ended up making her guests cry with her well-timed surprise.


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They didn't see it coming!

Her father was just expecting to go through the rituals of dancing with his daughter when the time came for the father-daughter dance. But, Liz Mylin wanted this one moment to be special.


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Just about the time when guests were finishing off their dinner, the DJ gave a cue directing everyone to look towards the entrance where Mylin would make her appearance, but something was remarkably different.

Her mother's wedding dress makes a debut

Instead of the Martina Liana gown she had worn through the ceremony, she showed up in a special dress. Her mom's wedding gown from 1979. Her mother was not expecting it and immediately gasped.

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And in no time, while father and daughter danced to Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely every eye in the room became teary. Mylin did not only create a beautiful memory with her family, but she also pulled off one of the most memorable father-daughter dances we have seen on the internet. Period.

How to make thoughtful wedding memories

Including family in a wedding can be a lot of pressure but carrying everyone along can be easy to pull off with these hot tips by expert and wedding officiant, Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway:

1. Using symbolism

Like Mylin, go big by using a sentimental piece like your mom's wedding gown or use a significant number of bouquets as a symbol representing key people in your life.

2. Having loved ones at the wedding altar

 If having people at the altar during the course of the ceremony is traditionally required in your ceremony, consider asking family members if they'll be willing to do the honors.


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3. Invite loved ones to read scriptures or poems

This is also a fun, thoughtful way to get as many people participating as possible.

4. Honor family members who have passed on

 Anything from having a moment of silence or using representative flowers.


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So, there you have it. Everyone can have fun at the wedding without stealing the thunder of the bride and groom.

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