20 Years Younger? Character Actor Couldn't Recognize Himself In The Mirror After Crazy Hair Transformation

Date May 24, 2019 11:03

Many people don’t realize that hair is a very important part of their persona. It can reflect their personality and represent their true character.

For some, a bad hair day might as well turn into just a bad day. It seems like an overstatement but the power of a good haircut is way underrated. It can affect your entire look and change it completely, just like in this incredible transformation.

From a homeless style to a dapper man with a big smile

Frankie is a character actor from New York. He’s 65 years old but throughout his long career, he only got “old, creepy type" roles because of his appearance.

Frankie has long gray hair and a long beard which makes him look a bit like a crazy homeless guy. He says that the last time professionals scissors touched his hair was over 5 years ago.

So it’s time for Frankie to make a big change and trust us, you won’t recognize him anymore after you watch his transformation.

Social media is divided

Even though Frankie looks so much cleaner and younger, some social media users are not exactly sure they like his new style. @Pixie Styx said:

Why did you do that to that man? He looked younger before. As far as that outfit... there is nothing sophisticated about it. That poor guy

@Jeanne Strauss made her own suggestion:

Well, Mr.Frankie would look handsomer with a beard very close to the face & hair maybe to the shoulders. Experiment but definately not this hairstyle for him!

However, there were many people who loved the actor’s new look. @PAM GASCOYNE commented:

I remember him and wondered what happened to him. Now he can play more studious parts. A doctor or college professor. Very handsome. Good luck Frankie.

Do you like the new Frankie or do you prefer the old one?