“Holy Moly!:” Woman Сomes For A Haircut But Walks Out Looking Like Reincarnated Elizabeth Taylor

Date June 21, 2019

If you are one of those people who like to get a haircut once in a blue moon, you probably don’t realize how changing your hair can affect your entire life.

“Holy Moly!:” Woman Сomes For A Haircut But Walks Out Looking Like Reincarnated Elizabeth /

Researches show that a new haircut can boost our confidence and even transform our behavior. You can walk out of a hair salon like a completely different person.

This is exactly what happened to one woman from Minnesota.

Elizabeth Taylor’s reincarnation

When Diane just walked in the Makeover Guy’s salon, she was looking for something that can help her manage her curly hair. The 62-year-old always dedicated her attention to other things but she finally decided it’s time to do something for herself.

Her transformation was so unbelievable, she couldn’t recognize herself in the mirror. The Makeover Guy didn’t only change her hair, he also put some serious makeup on so Diane ended up looking like a reincarnation of a Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor. Check out for yourself!

People love Diane’s new look

Social media users were absolutely stunned by the woman’s beauty. @L McCauley commented:

Holy Moly!!!! She is stunning after. Doesn't even look like same person.

@R.J. Santino agreed that she certainly bears resemblance to a cinema legend:

Wow! She is definitely an Elizabeth Taylor look alike.

@Salobrena Smith noted that Diane looks so much younger now:

there is no way she is looks early 40's.

@Mary Gibbons sang praises to the Makeover Guy for his amazing work:

HOLY MOLY!!!! THIS IS A MAKEOVER!!! You brought out the best in her and she looks drop dead gorgeous.

What do you think about Diane’s transformation?