“Your Husband Is A Lucky Man!:” 63-Year-Old Woman Cuts All Off Her Long Hair And Looks Absolutely Phenomenal

Date May 23, 2019

How to completely stun your loved ones and bring them to tears? Just change your haircut. Karen from Minnesota managed to do exactly that. The 63-year-old hasn’t done anything to her hair since the 1st grade after her mother gave her a pixie cut.

Since then, Karen vowed she will never get her hair cut again. But after so many years of having the same style, she felt like it’s time for a change. And who is better at transforming women’s looks than The Makeover Guy?

And boy-oh-boy he delivered this time! Karen walked out from a salon as a completely different person. The Makeover Guy cut her hair short and made her look like an Hollywood diva. Karen’s daughter and husband were positively shocked when they saw the results. Check it out!

Social media’s reaction

People on social media praised The Makeover Guy for an incredible transformation. Users noted how stunning Karen looks now. @Dan Becker said:

Beautiful woman .. congratulations .. Your husband is a lucky man ..

@Sallie Ryder agreed, mentioning that Karen reminds her of an actress:

OMG this Lady has some BEAUTIFUL hair that I WISH I HAD!! She looks sooo STUNNING a cross between Rachael Welch and Elizabeth Taylor. I would have liked to see a brighter lipstick on her maybe a red. I hope she keeps up that look she is just AMAZINGLY FABULOUS!!!

@ThePhilly501 said she was inspired to get her own makeover while @Deb V wrote that every male’s head would turn if Karen was out looking like that.

Hair mistakes that can make you look older

The experts believe that never changing your look is the biggest mistake women make. Having one hairstyle for decades will make you look older than you actually are.

“Your Husband Is A Lucky Man!:” 63-Year-Old Woman Cuts All Off Her Long Hair And Looks Absolutely Phenomenalgvictoria /

Check out this video of 4 most common hair mistakes that might age you.

So there you have it, don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair as it can literally transform your whole appearance.