4-Foot “Freak” With Terrible Bones Disorder Blows People Away With Her Incredible Dancing


January 15, 2019 17:20 By Fabiosa

People with Jarcho-Levin syndrome, which is a genetic disorder that creates problems with bones of the ribs and spine, usually don’t have what we call a ‘normal’ life. Children with this disease rarely live to pass the age of 2 years and those who do face intensive medical care for the whole course of their existence. However, one woman proved that her condition does not dictate how she should live her life and what she can and cannot do.

Incredible 4-foot tall dancer

Since her birth, Tiffany Geigel had to prove to her doctors, her parents, and strangers on the streets that she is more than just a “freak” and she can live a long life doing what she loves. Because of the bones growth disorder which made her spine form a curve making her torso very short, she was told she won’t survive for long.


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However, despite the odds, Tiffany is 32 now and, to the surprise of every person she meets, she is a professional dancer. Geigel started taking dancing classes since she was 5 and she believes it helped her to become flexible and retain mobility.

She says:

Dance has saved my life, it has helped me to continue being mobile and has kept my active and healthy.


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Despite constantly being cruelly bullied for her looks, she enjoys performing in front of the big crowds and likes to show everyone what she is capable of.

When people see me perform they are blown away in awe, most of the time when people see me they automatically think I can’t do anything for myself – dance is my way of proving people wrong.


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Tiffany’s first passion is ballet, but she also dipped toes in many dancing styles, including Bollywood, tap, and contemporary.


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People’s reaction

Tiffany says she doesn’t need people to pity her because she is not missing out on life. On the contrary, she is happy with what she’s got and she wants others to see her as a talented performer, not as a disabled person.

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