Luciano Pavarotti’s 15-Year-Old Granddaughter Blows The Audience Away With Her Incredible Voice On TV Talent Show


November 21, 2018 16:05 By Fabiosa

Luciano Pavarotti, or simply Pavarotti as most loyal fans called him, was one of the most famous opera singers in the world. He is known to the avid opera lovers and even to those who don’t listen to this genre of music at all.


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The Italian singing legend was the crown jewel of opera, having one of the most incredible voices in the world. Sadly, he passed away 11 years ago and is still being missed by many. However, we’ve got some exciting news for the opera lovers! Pavarotti’s 15-year-old granddaughter inherited his talent and is shocking the world with her breathtaking performances.


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A new star in the music world

The 15-year-old Sislena Caparossa has made her name known since she sung in an Italian talent show in 2013. The audience was blown away and the judges couldn’t hold their tears when they heard Sislena perform “Nessun Dorma” – the aria that was popularized by her granddad.

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She continues to sing and stun the public with her breathtaking voice. Check out her performance from 2017.

Pavarotti turned Nessun Dorma” into a cult classic, making it known beyond the opera world.

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There is no doubt she has a bright future ahead of her. It’s wonderful to know that despite that Pavarotti is not with us anymore, his incredible talent will always live and pass down generations.

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