Single Mother Built A Tiny House Just For Her And Her Teen Daughter. It's Simply Perfect!

Date October 23, 2018 17:43

Modern women are capable of doing a lot of things. They raise children, have successful careers, and even build houses on their own.

This single mother realized her daughter’s dream and built an incredible tiny house herself.

How it all started

Shalina is a 34-year-old single mother. She raises her daughter Katie, 15, all alone. Shalina got used to never depend on anyone and she teaches her daughter the same thing.

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Shalina works full time from home as a graphic designer.  She always felt a desire to create things that are useful, simple, and unique.

That’s how her idea to transform her 350 sq ft house into a stylish and comfortable tiny home appeared. Shalina said:

Doing the work myself was a challenge that I welcomed without hesitation. I love the freedom that comes with living more simply.

The challenge accepted

After a lot of research on tiny homes, she began to plan and design her future house. Shalina had a lot of arts and crafts supplies. Besides, her designing skills helped her in finding unique materials to make things out of.

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The result stunned everyone, especially her teenage daughter. Their new house seems to have more space than a large apartment in a multistoried complex.

Shalina revealed other benefits of living in the tiny house:

The financial freedom that comes with living tiny is a huge plus. My space rent and utilities are significantly cheaper now. Besides, with freed up funds, I’ve been able to save for traveling with my daughter.

Shalina is confident that choosing to live in a tiny house is the best decision she’s ever made.  We look at the result of her work and start thinking the same thing. Her tiny house is simply incredible.

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