4 Skincare Ingredients That Actually Work And Prevent Skin From Premature Aging

Date September 6, 2018

Every woman wants to look great at any age. It’s just in our nature. One thing that we cannot change is the natural aging process. But if we can’t change it, at least we can postpone it!


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First of all, let’s discuss how we can prevent our skin from aging too quickly. Experts in the beauty industry have several recommendations. Get ready to note, dear ladies!

How to prevent premature skin aging

1. Eat healthy food with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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2. Avoid drinking too much coffee and soda. Replace coffee with green tea.

3. Protect your skin from the sun all year round, not just during the summer.

4. Stop smoking.

5. Spend more time outdoors.

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6. Cleanse your skin gently, and don’t forget to moisturize it on a daily basis.

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Great! Now, you know how to prevent early skin aging. But how to improve its condition if you already noticed the first signs of fading skin?

These four simple ingredients are the must-haves for every woman. The best thing is that they are not expensive at all, but the result will definitely surprise you.

4 skincare ingredients that actually work

1. Retinol (retinoic acid).

It’s one of the most essential cosmetic ingredients ever. Retinol helps to get rid of pigmentation and large pores. Moreover, this ingredient helps increase our own hyaluronic acid production.

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2. Salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid is a must-have in treating acne, blackheads, and large pores. It also provides anti-inflammatory action and maintains hydration.

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3. Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is, probably, the #1 anti-aging ingredient of all times. It stimulates collagen production and helps get rid of pigmentation. But the most important factor is that vitamin C brightens the skin and makes it look much younger.

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4. Hyaluronic acid.

HA proved its ‘magic’ benefits to our skin. Its positive impact has been confirmed by dermatologists and cosmetologists a long time ago. Hyaluronic acid, indeed, makes miracles to our skin. It cures first wrinkles, reduces the size of pores, helps skin cells repair, and finally, makes our skin look healthy and young.

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Make sure you have these four ingredients in your arsenal – and you’ll see that skin aging can be prevented without beauty injections or plastic surgeries. We all are beautiful, so let’s preserve our natural beauty for many long years.

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