This Californian Woman Believes She's The Hottest Grandma In The World

Date July 27, 2018

Old age has never looked better, and Alice Vasquez is a proof of that.

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Grandma reloaded

This grandma shocks people when she tells them her age. And for those who have a hard time believing her, she’s quick to point out that she’s a grandma three times over.

Her obvious good looks and youth have earned her a decent celebrity status on social media.

Beauty contestant

She loves to flaunt her stuff on Instagram where she’s happy to wear as few clothes as possible. And it’s no surprise that she’s got the self-love and grits to be a contestant for the title of the "World’s Hottest Grandma".

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Why does she think she deserves the title? This 39-year-old Californian granny says her sophistications gives her an edge over the other contestants.

Will she win the title?

She told Daily Star, “I respect my kids - I don't think nudes on the internet make me beautiful like Carrie the other girl does.”

It’s hard to say who will emerge the clear winner, but this granny has some fierce supporters rooting for her. What do you think?

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