These Women Are Taking Over Everyone's Timeline With Their Hilarious Routines And Sensational Voices


July 30, 2018 13:31 By Fabiosa

Some days we are reminded of the gift that is the internet.

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They are amazing

This singing duo from Facebook, Viviana and Serena are one of the good things that appear on our timelines out of nowhere and take the world by storm.

Together, they go by the name, Ebbanesis, and it's impossible not to love their act. They are like nothing we've seen before.

Hilarious routines

Of course, they sing like angels, but that is not all they have going for them. From time to time, they add hilarious routines that make them seem very relatable to fans, like this one:

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Music is universal and this duo represents that saying.

They sing solely in Spanish, but you do not need to understand it to feel the beauty of the songs.

Adoring fans

And it’s no surprise that they have a slew of committed, adoring fans online. Although they don’t seem to have a ton of followers on other social media platforms, they rule Facebook.

Their videos get more than 1 million views and a few eager commenters are fighting to be noticed by the sensational singers. We can't wait for them to start slaying music charts!

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