She Can Now Rock A Pixie-Cut! A Senior Woman's Femininity Was Maximized With An Incredible Makeover

Date December 19, 2018 16:31

It's no secret that women are always in dire need of feeling beautiful. They have an unhinged desire to impress others. Because yeah, when you got it, flaunt it!  It is also observed that people even treat you better if you arrive all dressed up. Slay all day!


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However, the only reason for ladies to polish themselves should be for their own satisfaction. Good looks naturally do give a headstart in society and boost confidence. From nails to strands of hair, every feature is a style statement in itself. Sticking to your natural appearance is widely advocated and adopted. But don't forever slip into the comfy zone of your casual self. There is nothing bad in trying out the coat of glamour even with low-maintenance short hair.


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From bold to gold

The famed makeup consultant Goar Avetisyan got her wonder-hands on Margarita, a woman in her fifties. She was carrying a harsh, bold look with her trendy pixie-cut. But Goar was set to prove that hair has no power to tune down her feminity.


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The lady had rugged elements on her skin, along with facial hair and pigmentation. The artist took a chance to smooth it out with a pore-minimizing mask and began her magic.


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Her femininity was instantly maximized with a touch of soft makeup and a pair of earrings. Margarita looked younger, better, and a more lady-like version of herself. Truly unbelievable! 


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Short hair suits lovely older ladies

Long hair can actually make an aging woman look tired and dreary. A pixie or carefully styled short bob can go a long way in making a senior woman look amazingly graceful. The fashion statements pop on trimmed bobs and give an edgy look. 


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Are you convinced that femininity has nothing to do with your hair? Share this if you believe that beauty and fragile femininity comes from within!

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