Miraculous! The 'American Idol' Contestant Sang With Her Egg Donor Mother, Reducing Katy Perry To Tears

Date March 21, 2019

After a long time of anticipation, the new season of American Idol was finally aired on March 11, 2019. The judges' panel has changed and so is the show's pattern. However, the flood of talents remains the same.


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The judges — Lionel, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan — are sold on the vision of maintaining the competition's legacy. The lady behind the show, Trish Kinane, also announced that the show is way past its days of mocking bad singers for hiking the ratings.


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Still, the commentators are skeptical about the judges' credibility. The Twitterverse slammed them for being dull and already predicted the show to be a major flop.

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Katy's emotional involvement

The critics might have let them down, but judge Katy does have a connection to the contestants. She feels the soul from which the singer draw their talents. It was proved when the mentor singer was moved by Gaba's performance.


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After finishing off her incredible audition of Adele's All I ask, Gaba was requested to bring along her egg donor mom. She revealed how their singing voices were identical, making the judges excited for it. The duo soulfully sang a duet on Bright Lights and Cityscapes by Sara Bareilles with her egg donor during her American Idol audition.


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Katy Perry readily got off her seat to give them a big hug. She was in tears as she remarked:

I gotta call my mom.

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People were as delighted as Perry

The American Idol followers on Twitter channeled the same feelings as Katy. They praised the beautiful girl and left other sincere opinions.


❤️😞 beautiful and emotional too


❤️💋Love 💘💜💖


I felt bad for her real mom.


Such a heart warming story..❤

We are sure her real mom would also be proud of her amazing girl. Share this and let us know if Gaba and her biological mom melted your heart or not.

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