Was The Makeover Worth It? A Woman Traded Her Dry-Blonde Hair For A Honey-Colored Short Bob

Date May 24, 2019 17:23

The emergence of white strands is the ultimate plight of every woman. It's common in men too but, the ladies get their beauty eclipsed by this phenomena. If they manage the gray hair, their youth can easily be retrieved. 


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There are many options to reverse the time on your skin. The natural way includes adopting a stress-free lifestyle or adopting healthy habits. But, that process is too slow and the aging is just too powerful on. While these methods are effective, they are also very time-consuming. Cosmetic means can be a quick-fix. So, don't shy away from getting salon treatment.


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The youth-awakening transformation

Makeoverguy on Youtube performs eye-opening style corrections. He empowers women to be the best version of themselves and introduces them to boasted-confidence. His work is so efficient and neat that it almost looks like a miracle.


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A lady in her late 60s arrived at his studio in Minneapolis. Paula was already prepared to cut off her long gray hair that she has over-bleached. The stylist decided to use her natural curl but create a soft ash blond. He also bumped the focus from lips to eyes. How incredible! 

Paula's self-esteem was multiplied and she felt more glamorous than ever!

Another amazing makeover

Makeoverguy doesn't just change the outlooks of women, he transforms their lives. Bev used to feel invisible and dull. She desperately wanted a fresh start and started off with her looks first. The guru of grooming didn't disappoint her and her pixie cut was modified into a Diva hairdo.

It's just wonderful for an artist to inspire us with so many masterpieces. Are you feeling like booking an appointment for yourself too? Share this and give a shoutout to womanhood with all its perks.