Oh My, Was She So Stunning All Along? 81-Year-Old Grandma Lets Granddaughter Do Her Makeup

Date May 28, 2019

Senior women have taught so much to their next generations. They passed on their valued beauty secrets, healthy regimes and most of all, the essence of feminity. It's about time we youngster start paying back the favor. Here's some inspiration to get you to start treating your precious grandmas!


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The society is already empowering older women who deserve the world. Helmut Lang recently launched a collection specially dedicated to them. The new clothing campaign included stories of ladies who donned their attires.

For instance, 86-year-old Dilys Price is the world’s oldest woman skydiver to try on their masterpieces. Photographer Alexandra Leese condemned the media to ignore such amazing personalities.


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Grandma is ready to slay!

Croatia-based makeup artist Teafllego inspires women to be the best versions of themselves. She started her mission from her own home. Her grandma is known dubbed 'Glam-Ma' because of her sensational makeovers.


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She starts off by moisturizes the creases of Glam-Ma's skin and like a magic wand takes away the wrinkles. The granddaughter turns her into a runway-ready model who's not afraid to carry bold looks. With heavy lashes, shimmery eyeshadows, and perfect contour, Glam-Ma can give a tough competition of all the young models.


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People adore her


She is super cute!


Amazing! Grandma is cool. Health for her.


Love your gma so much


Wow so cute and beautiful😍😍❤️

Can you believe the confidence she oozes? Well, it's the amount of self-esteem and charisma that every woman deserves to awaken in herself. So, don't wait up and reclaim your allure with a little professional help.