Big Or Little Liars? Top 6 Zodiac Signs Who Lie The Most Any Time And Any Place

Date January 16, 2019

We are 100% sure that every human being has ever lied, especially in situations of embarrassment, confusion or fright. As a result, some of them become big liars, who tell lies every now and again, whereas the rest try their best to avoid such situations. 

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Anyhow, we all need time, willing, and bravery to be genuine people, which means avoiding big or little lies. Though astrologists have made the 'top 6 zodiac signs who lie' list. Scroll down to see. 

6 zodiac sings who lie the most

We all get used to seeing various characteristics, peculiarities, and propensity to something or someone. Let's analyze this top 6 list, shall we? 

1. Scorpio 

Are you surprised that Scorpio takes the first place? We're sure that even Scorpio people aren't shocked and secretly nodding. As the most deceitful, manipulative, and overbearing sign, Scorpio people have a unique 'talent' in lying. They are such masters at it that even they can't distinguish between truth and fiction after a while. 

2. Gemini 

Though Gemini isn't deceitful as Scorpio, such people are pretty good at manipulation and lies. A Gemini person is creative and fun by nature; however, it doesn't change the fact that everybody around knows when, how, and why this sign tells lies. 

3. Pisces

Indeed, a Pisces person is sensitive, artsy, and open-minded, however, the saying "still waters run deep" is totally about this sign. There's a devil underneath their 'pure' personality, who can severely lie to get what needed. Being an owner of great intuition, Pisces knows how and when to tell lies to get what they want in every situation. 

4. Libra

Ah, this sign! It's a genuine combination of charm and manipulation, which results in a 'beautiful lie.' Libra people lie when they want to look better than they are, when they want to get out of trouble, and when they want to get what they want. Simply put, they lie all along. And the problem is that Libra individuals lose track of their lies, and can't apologize or explain as they make up another lie out of nowhere.

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5. Cancer

Though Cancer is a liar, such a person doesn't intend to hurt or get what they want by all accounts. Cancerians are emotional and sensual, so mostly their lies are just exaggeration or failure to see true colors of events.  Indeed, the sign is on the list, but their lies are primarily harmless due to their naiveness. 

6. Aquarius 

Just like Cancer, Aquarius' lies don't mean to bring any harm or damage. They usually like to create peace around and don't hurt anyone, though when the truth comes to light, such people wish they hadn't told lies. So all those lies that Aquarius constantly tells are just Band-Aids until someone has the backbone, to be honest.


We do understand that sometimes lies pop up in unexpected situations, such as manipulation, fear or even pride, but we do need to eliminate telling lies because it can convert into a chronological problem or a simple habit which may destroy your and your closest ones' lives. 

Accordingly, lying isn't an option. We all need to be genuine, honest, and decent. Do you agree? Great!

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