She’s Bright Like A Diamond! Woman With Glittering Makeup Becomes A Real Internet Sensation

It is not a secret that knowing certain rules for eyes makeup is very important for every woman. Also, it is necessary to consider the distinctive features of the face.

As well, there are specific areas to apply the makeup on. For example, the main shade of the eyeshadows should be applied below the upper lid crease. The darkest of the colors should go above the upper lid crease.

Woman with glittering makeup

As you see, there are certain rules for applying makeup. Nevertheless, some people create their own rules, and the result can be truly mind-breaking.

This woman became a real Internet sensation after posting her photos with the bright glittering makeup.

It is so unusual! What do you think about her transformation?

People’s reaction

It seems people really like it!


Yheeeaaasss Gorgeous Qween👑 You Absolutely ROCK this look babe 😘


I love that you have fun with your makeup! ❤️


Those colors are so pretty 🧡💜💚


This eye look took me out!🔥🔥

This woman looks like a real star! Do you agree?