Sisters Or Mother With Daughters? Can You Guess The Age Gap Of These Stunning Ladies?

Date June 4, 2019 12:28

Nowadays, it is not as important how old you are, as more and more people prove that it is possible to stay young and fresh at any age. For example, these senior women posed for the famous clothing brand Helmut Lang in order to show they are way more than just grandparents.


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They are as active and involved in social life, as young people. For example, the 86-year-old Dilys Price is now the world’s oldest woman skydiver.


Публикация от HELMUT LANG (@helmutlang)

Sisters or mother with daughters?

It is almost impossible to guess the age gap of these gorgeous ladies. Most people consider them to be sisters, but the reality is different.

The 57-year-old Kasha Grimes became an Instagram star after she copied her 20-year-old daughter Misha’s Instagram photos.

Now, she has lots of subscribers, and they can’t believe she is almost 60! Kasha regularly uploads photos of herself in figure-hugging outfits, looking like a young girl!

The mother-of-two also runs a YouTube channel, where she shares her anti-aging secrets and talks about fashion.

People’s reactions

Kasha Grimes’ subscribers can’t be more proud of her!


Fantastic pic of you , you should be proud of misha she such a gorgeous woman 💋😍


You two seriously look like sisters, not mother and daughter x x x


Stunning both of you 😍so true beautiful words kasha 💖👌👏👏😘x


Absolutely gorgeous words, gorgeous photo 💖 I love you both


You look so alike. 💕

This stunning lady is a pure inspiration for other women!