Jaw-Dropping Makeover! Makeup Artist Turns Woman Covered In Moles Into A Beauty Queen


January 11, 2019 11:06 By Fabiosa

Goar Avertisyan is not only a famous makeup artist, but she also helps people restore faith in themselves. The woman is not afraid of the most difficult cases and regularly transforms women with scars and burns, victims of abuse, and those who’ve never had their makeup done before.

This woman had one of the most heartwarming makeovers!

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Irina Pavlutskaya from the city of Yakutsk has a very complicated fate. When she was a baby, her mother abandoned her. On top of it, she suffers from a rare skin condition – the young woman has moles all over her body, and she was even dubbed as the ‘leopard woman’ in Russia.

When the girl’s story went viral, Goar decided to offer Irina a makeover and give her an opportunity to see herself without those birthmarks for at least a day. And the result was simply stunning!


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Avetisyan dabbed the moles with corrector, applied foundation to match the skin tone, and then topped it off with smoky eyes. You can tell that the girl was over the moon when she saw herself in the mirror!


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Another story that can touch your heart

Not long ago, Goar provided another client with self-confidence and beauty. Nosa has a large scar on her face as a result of doctors’ negligence. Now, look at the result! The lipstick color suits the girl so much!


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What a talented woman Goar Avetisyan is!

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