10 Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Friends At Home: Fun And Creative

Date November 23, 2018

One simply cannot overestimate the importance of friendship in the life of every single human being. We are social creatures and arguably the only ones who create this unique kind of bond. Friends become our second family, and in some cases, they provide the strongest support. We need friends, though, not only for the support and feeling of security but also to share the most important life moments and to help each other grow and develop. Only those who make you not just feel but become better can be called true friends.

There are so many more reasons why we need friends. They shape your personality, make you feel less lonely, correct your perception of reality, help you meet more amazing people, teach you important life skills, and even help with some intimate problems. But there is no better person than a friend to have some fun with! We want to celebrate the friendship phenomenon by sharing with you some of the coolest things to do with friends.

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10 things to do with friends at home and outdoors

1. Movie marathon

There’s probably nothing better than watching a favorite movie together with your friend. You can dive into the whole season of some popular TV-series or watch Star Wars for the tenth time. It doesn’t really matter as long as you both enjoy it.

2. Board games

Another absolutely great way of spending time with your friends is playing board games. There are hundreds of them, so you can choose one which everybody would enjoy. Grab your close friends, order some pizza and play a board game. You will remember this evening forever.

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3. Throw a party

If you are searching for inspiration, here’s one for you! Throw a costume party with your friends at your place. Imagine pirates and mermaids having fun, dancing around. You can pick any theme you want – make them dress like they are from the 80s or turn them into animals!

4. Yoga session

Grab your besties and practice some yoga. Isn’t it great to do something healthy together? It is so much easier to lead a healthy lifestyle when you are supporting and encouraging each other!

5. Karaoke stars

Who doesn’t like singing? Only those who are shy. But how can you be shy when surrounded by your best friends? Think up some contests, like who’s going to sing We Will Rock You or I Will Always Love You better.

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6. Poker club

If you are into tense games, try playing poker. Just don’t play it for money, because your best friends can easily turn into your worst enemies. You can even dress up like the Italian gangsters or pretend you’re having a big poker tournament.

7. Online games

Nowadays, online games gain more and more popularity for lots of good reasons. One of them is that you can play with your friends even when you are home alone. Some online games are even free-to-play, so you don’t need to waste your money to have a good time.

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8. Cooking

Food unites people. It’s true. Try cooking something together with your friend, and you will know them from a different perspective. After all, eating something that you’ve cooked together can only strengthen your relationship.

9. Tea party

Imagine you are the British elite and have tea with your friend this evening. This is probably the best way to come up with some other cool things to do with your friend.

10. Indoor picnic

If the weather doesn’t allow you to have a picnic in the park, just lay your blankets in the biggest room. You can have your own summer with friends inside your house.

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There are many more things you could do with your friends at home. Let’s be honest, it depends only on your imagination. Share this list with your friends and decide what you are up for together! Maybe they will suggest something else. We wish you more unforgettable moments with your friends!

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