Anthony Ray Hinton Makes Oprah Cry The Tears Of Sorrow When He Tells Her This Story

Date June 7, 2018 18:15

Anthony Ray Hinton has made Oprah Winfrey shed a few sad tears when he was sharing his touching story with the celebrity.

Anthony has opened up about of the of most tragic events in his life – the day his mother died.

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He believed she died from a broken heart. As she hoped so much to see her son free from jail, but she didn’t.

Anthony shared with Oprah one of the biggest lessons he learned while in prison. He told her a story of his fellow inmate on his death row – our own fears kill us more than anything. And love is the only thing we should teach others.

Anthony Ray Hinton is one of those martyrs who had been wrongly convicted of murder and suffered 28 years in prison. He was released in 2015, after his conviction was overturned.

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Life is full of suffering, but it becomes more valuable when we know its price.

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