Woman In Her Late 50's Got Treated With A Trendy Makeover That Make Her Look Her Best: She Was Stunned!

Date September 18, 2019

Christopher Jon Hopkins is an entrepreneur, author, media personality and makeup artist. He specializes in helping women nail their second act after the age of 40. With a touch of his talented hands, the ladies get morphed into their best-looking selves.

The stylist believes that every woman has the potential to become a diva. He works through lifeless hair, dull skin and drab sense of fashion. Christopher is known as the Makeover Guy on Youtube where he showcases his modification miracles.

The jaw-dropping transformation

Glenna from Tampa, Florida booked an appointment with Christopher at his appearance studio in Minneapolis. She wanted him to enhance her features and bring out her lost radiance. The 57-year-old put her trust in the Makeover Guy's skills and left it all to him.

Hopkins waved his magic wand and discovered a new youthful persona for her. He brightened up her blond locks and chopped off the dry strands. The style guru also retouched her roots and gave a contemporary contrast to her outlook. She exclaimed:

I just feel a younger hipper me!

She and Christopher bagged a lot of compliments


I absolutely love the root smudge! She looks beautiful!

@Bonnie Lemmon:

Good lord, I had to watch this twice. First I can’t believe she’s 57. Second, she looks so pretty with her hair and makeup. Such an amazing change. 😊


She came alive. Very nice makeover.

@Susan Wimmer:

She does look younger! What a difference the right haircut makes! Beautiful!


Lord have mercy she looks 35

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