Woman Treats Herself To A Well-Deserved Makeover After Genially Raising Kids & 9 Grandchildren

Date October 18, 2019 10:03

Since 1990, Christopher Hopkins has been celebrated as a cyber-star, writer, entrepreneur, entertainer, and appearance aficionado. He's affectionately known as The Makeover Guy with the same-titled channel on Youtube.

The style-guru provides uplifting, inspirational, and informative videos along with exclusive makeover services.

Hopkins helps women over 45 to pull off an amazing second act and stage a stunning comeback. He transforms their outlook in accordance with their inner spirit. The 55-year-old artist has the perfect skill set to bring out the best in every lady. Read on to witness his brilliance!

A well-deserved transformation

A retired CPA, Karen from Sioux Falls, South Dakota reached out to the Makeover Guy. She was 65 and had genially raised four children and nine grandchildren. The lady now wanted to focus on herself and tend to her looks. She had bright blonde hair that had diverted the attention away from her beautiful natural features.

Christopher Hopkins chopped off her dull locks to make her seem as young as she felt inside. He added depth to her tresses by dyeing the roots to a darker hue. The makeup was light and refreshing, making Karen seem more radiant. After her unbelievable modification, the pretty woman beamed with newly-found confidence.

Tons of compliments poured in

@Teresa Rengifo:

Oh Lord she's stunning!! Great still got it, girl!!!

@Claire M Montrose:

She looks like a movie star. Gorgeous! 🥰

@Kathleen Phillips:

Wow...25 years younger and sassy!!

@J is Scoobysmom:

Gorgeous!!! That smile is beautiful too, and she's showing it off a lot more after the new look. That's what you love to see, that extra confidence radiating out!

Hats off to the Makeover guy, he's nailed another style miracle. Congratulations to Karen on reclaiming her lost charm. Share this and let us know how many years you think she shed off her image.