70-Year-Old Woman Reclaimed Her 30-Year-Old Self With An "Adventurous" Haircut: She Felt Transformed!

Date September 19, 2019

Christopher Jon Hopkins has steadily taken over his field as a cyber-star, entertainer, and appearance aficionado. He is affectionately dubbed The Makeover Guy on Youtube.

The style guru aims to transform women with inspirational, and informative online content as well as exclusive makeover services.

He serves his special clients at a 19th-century salon called Appearance Studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Christopher's workplace is gorgeously furnished with rare antique pieces and housed with salvaged woodwork and fixtures. The parlor interior sets a relaxing mood for everyone.

Youth-reviving makeover

Beverly from North Carolina turned 70 last February. People often suggested her to be more adventurous with her looks. The lady knew right away she needs Christopher's help to achieve her best version.

She was a little anxious as the outcome of her modification was unpredictable. Nonetheless, Beverly was ready and desperately needed the makeover. She mentioned to The Makeover Guy that she feels 30 inside that's how she wants to appear on the outside.

Hopkins granted her the wish. He treated her gray hair with a dark tone and made her reclaim the lost beauty. Beverly was stunned by her style correction and loved the sporty short haircut. She admitted to feeling transformed in the heart and in spirit.

People complimented the elegant woman


Magnificently transformed!! She’s absolutely gorgeous and reminds me of Ann-Margret.


Wow! You look wonderful! The entire video was so touching and awesome.

@Bonnie Lemmon:

Holy moly, what a big difference. She's one beautiful lady. Perfect work.

@Miss Cindy:

Oh my goodness this woman has such a personality!!! I love her💗.the make up really took alot of years off alone and then all that grey gone!!must be so rewarding for Christopher to help create these life changing moments.with all this love for him literally all over the world he will probably live to be 102.

@Rebecca Stratton:

This is what it's like to get a wish granted. She so deserves to have her outside match her big beautiful Southern Heart. God Bless.

Hats off to Christopher Hopkins! His skills give women's personalities a rebirth. Congratulations to Beverly for successfully acing her second act.