"It Feels 10 Years Younger": Soon-To-Be 65-Year-Old Woman Gets Her Groove Back With A Trendy Haircut

Date August 2, 2019 13:32

In the past, women aggressively searched for remedies that could rid them of gray hair. From harsh dyes to untested treatments, they tried it all and got disappointed. Well, the cure was pretty simple - just embrace the change!

With the dawn of a new future, the ladies are feeling empowered by their silver locks. It a symbol of wisdom and experience gained during a timeline. Moreover, white is a very flattering color that no one should shy from. It brightens the dark and in this case, heightens the confidence.

Magic of a good haircut

Donna, who was about to be 65 soon, struggled to find an appointment for Christopher Hopkins' studio. Her husband finally got her one and she ultimately felt her best possible self. The lady from Michigan didn't want to modify her hair color. She just didn't mind the gray hair.

The Makeover guy followed her preference and did the trick with just a trendy haircut. Her distorted patch of hair was removed from the back to give a feathery lighter outlook. Donna was quite happy with the outcome and exclaimed: "It feels 10 years younger and it feels good!".

Some more inspiration

Many salons insist that dying the hair is the quickest fix. However, if the stylist is as skilled as Christopher, possibilities are limitless. Layered hair gives instant volume and turns frizz into glam.

A short bob with a little straightening can also open gates to the red carpet.

And let's not forget a classic blow-dried trimmed updo!

Does any of these hairstyles awaken the creative genius you? You know you got it all to compete with Hollywood divas!