Woman Shares The Agony Of Being "Too Beautiful" To Be Faithful With Husband: Cheating Was Inevitable!

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June 12, 2019 11:31 By Fabiosa

A woman from London named Julia Stephenson confided in DailyMail UK the plight of being too good looking. She was 26 when got married to her love of life. 

The fatal flaw in her relationship was that she was just "too beautiful" for her husband. It meant that cheating was inevitable.

Only 18 months after their union, Julia was seduced by her spouse's blond-haired colleague who had the most perfect chiseled features. She admitted:

My poor ex couldn’t cope with living in my shadow and constantly felt jealous and insecure.

However, her new man left her for someone even better. Taste of her own medicine? Well, Julia just kept moving on from one partner to another because she never needed to work through problems.

The youthful lady just had too many options. Ms. Stephenson recalled:

As a beautiful woman, I never had that fear I would be left alone.

She received much backlash from people 

The social media users found her lifestyle distasteful. Many claimed that she is not even that attractive to pull off infidelity on the base of alluring looks.

The internet world dug her past and found that she was a model. They taunted her self-proclaimed worth.

It's not what it seems, peeps!

The press has a way of twisting things that can work against you. Julia explained that the public has got the wrong idea of what she wrote for the publication.

She only meant it to be a helpful guide in a Harvard study program. Like all other women, she is kind and compassionate whose job is majorly to rescue animals.

If we observe Julia's narrative in a non-judgemental point of view, it really makes sense. This phenomenon is often seen in Hollywood celebrities who are just too good for each other. Share this and let us know what you think.