Fitness Expert Louise Parker Provides Some Insight On How Kate Middleton Stays Fit After Delivery

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May 18, 2018 16:02 By Fabiosa

For many fans of the royal family, Kate Middleton’s post-birth appearance is inches short of being a miracle. She looked radiant on the steps of the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital alongside Prince William.


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If there weren’t a ton of photographs and medical reports to prove that she was pregnant, her delivery may have been in doubt. But she was pregnant, and she did give birth to Prince Louis so there is no second guessing the Duchess.

Her former fitness expert says she knows the Duchess’s secret


Louise Parker is reported to have helped Kate Middleton with her baby weight after the birth of Prince George in 2013, although she declined to comment on the subject. However, she still gave some insight to PEOPLE about the secret behind Kate Middleton’s stunning recovery.

It’s about taking good care of yourself — living well. Exercise is important, but there’s no need for long, high-intensity workouts.


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Parker is famous for her 'Louise Parker Method' which she designed 20 years ago and has worked with thousands of clients with outstanding results. Emma Thompson is one of the most notable persons who has worked with the fitness trainer. She currently practices out of her South Kensington clinic. According to Louise, a third of her clients are women who are keen on losing post-baby weight.

I don’t believe in really grueling workouts, especially if you’re post-natal. Anything too aggressive can really exacerbate any anxiety. They need to be challenged but build up slowly.


One major point in her recovery workout is called cardio-sculpting, and she says it is essential for strengthening the core and upper back which suffer the most during pregnancy.

It’s a really effective way of training, because it means you are toning and burning fat at the same time. Instead of doing a normal squat, we’ll have you doing something with your arms or a side kick to work the smaller muscles.


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Parker acknowledges that working out takes time, but she advises women to pace themselves, starting with a few hours each week spread over a couple of days.


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As for nutrition, Parker recommends eliminating white carbs completely for the duration of her program. She encourages women to eat three meals a day and two snacks, keeping fruits and vegetables as a big part of their meals.

The weight might not vanish overnight, but Parker says there is no real need getting worked up about figures on a scale every other day. Forming healthy habits and cultivating a positive mindset helps a lot.

Kate Middleton has always been big on sports. She is known to play croquet, sail, and even shoot a bow and arrow. Also, she has been a patron of SportsAid since 2013. Speaking to young athletes preparing for the 2016 Olympics in Rio, she mentioned her love for sports during the speech.


Clearly, she couldn’t have started working out before her appearance at the hospital after Prince Louis was born. But her stunning physique only goes to show how her hard work pays off.

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