Swollen Lips Was Not The Only Awful Thing This 26-Year-Old Client Received From The Beauty Clinic

Date June 27, 2018

26-year-old Hornchurch salon client received the shocking response after complaining about the “botched” fillers. Charlotte Neale was insulted and blamed her oral sex must have been the reason for the swollen lips.

Body perfection

More and more women are now feeling completely comfortable with increasing their body parts. And while the breasts improving surgery is mistakenly considered as the most popular surgery, those are the lips that have been in high demand in the recent period. 

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27,000 operations were performed during the previous year in the US, it is a single lip surgery every 20 minutes. The number of the procedures increased by 43% compared with the beginning of the 20th century.

Failed surgery

Charlotte Neale also decided to spend $160 on improving her beloved lips.

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She decided to resort to Hornchurch salon and use their services. Little did she know how regretful she might be after the procedure.

After the surgery left her with swollen, uneven, and lumpy lips, the girl decided to complain about the establishment’s unprofessionalism. After she failed to be accepted by the clinic, Charlotte decided to speak out online, where she was immediately insulted by the salon manager.

Dan Dye, clinic’s representative and the owner’s boyfriend, claimed the pain must have been the result of the oral sex Charlotte might have had during the time of rehabilitation. The manager continued his assaults and claimed to stop spoiling the establishment’s reputation:

Get a life you sad little girl.

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The owner suggested making another $225 procedure to remove the swelling; however, it also didn’t help. Charlotte had to resort to another salon that helped her get rid of the filler from her lips:

You can't mess with people's faces. There are so many veins, you don't realize how many there are, in the lips, in the face, and so much can go wrong.

Danger in clinics

Facebook users immediately perceived the situation and expressed on the rude establishment owners.

Charlotte warns people about such suspicious salon and claims your health is much more important than cheap appearance improvement. Moreover, the filler you get into your face might result in severe problems up to eyesight deterioration and even its disappearance. Be careful with your body – preserve it as the most precious treasure.

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