Big-Hearted Woman Found Her Childhood Friend On The Streets Addicted To Drugs, And Helped Him Get His Life Back

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August 27, 2018 16:18 By Fabiosa

People often look down on those suffering from substance abuse and don't realize there's a chance for them turn their lives around. Even the worst cases of alcoholism and drug addiction have hope for a redemption, all they need is help and willingness to become better. The following story is a proof that it's never too late to give someone their life back.

A second chance at life

Wanja Mwaura made headlines in Kenya for saving her old classmate from the streets and helping him turn his life around. Patrick Hinga Wanjiru was a severe drug addict, who was living a homeless life before Wanja ran into him one day.

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Hinga got involved with drugs when he was in high school. Once he had got expelled it became clear that substance abuse was becoming a big issue, so his mother admitted him to the mental hospital on several occasions. 

At one point, Hinga ran away from home In fear of having to go back to the hospital. Thus began his life on the streets and, as a result, the young man was watching his life slip away from him day by day.

The fateful encounter with Wanja was extremely lucky, as it was difficult to actually recognize Hinga at the time. But Wanja could see her former classmate and was kind enough to approach him. Something clicked in Hinga and he confided in Wanja, revealing to her that he wanted to get his life back and get clean once and for all.

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Wanja was able to raise money for Hinga to go to the good rehabilitation center, and even gathered enough for the man to have enough to invest in opening his own mechanic shop called 'Hinga's Store'.

Today, Hinga looks like his old self to the infinite joy of his mother, who got her son back.

Another success story

Interestingly, Wanja didn't just stop at helping Hinga. She was so inspired and happy to play such an important part in his recovery that she continued to do that with another unnamed woman.

Perhaps, Wanja will now become a fairy godmother to troubled people everywhere and will save many more lives in the future.

As we can see, it's never too late to help a person turn their life around, especially if they want to do that themselves. Just imagine how many lives can be saved if we were a little bit more understanding and opened our eyes and hearts to recognize promising cases. 

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