Woman Reveals How She Survived 3 Horrendous Weeks Alone In The Woods: ''I Had To Drink From Puddles''

Date September 14, 2018 09:59

In July of 2017, Alabama state was on high alert when Lisa Joy Theris was reported missing. The police were working tirelessly to find the 25-year-old woman, but after 25 days of constant searching, Lisa turned up alive with a miraculous survival story.

Alone and naked in the woods

After 25 days being reported missing, Lisa was found on the road near the wooded area. She was naked, covered in mud, bruises, and bug bites, but most importantly, she was alive.

The woman later revealed on This Morning how she was able to spend almost a month alone in the woods and survive. 

Lisa woke up in the woods unaware where she was. For the first couple of days she desperately screamed for help, hoping that someone would rescue her, but there was no one around.

She started moving through the forest, trying to find her way out, but Lisa quickly realized she had to figure out how to sustain herself. 

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The young woman was living off wild mushrooms, berries, and dirty puddle water:

I just did what I could. I just knew that when I was thirsty, I had to drink from puddles, no matter if the water was dirty or what. I had to get as much of it as possible. Sometimes it would make me very sick. I thank God for the berries. There were always pretty much berries.

Completely terrified but determined to survive, Lisa was trying to get out of the woods. At one point, she started hearing cars and proceeded to move in the sound's direction. She finally emerged on the road and was quickly taken to the nearby hospital where she was identified as the missing woman everyone was looking for.

Despite being covered in bug bites and bruises, Lisa said the pain didn't bother because she was in extreme survival mode.

New outlook on life

After recovering and settling back at home, Lisa Joy Theris was just happy to be out of her nightmare. She said it gave her a completely new outlook on life:

It makes you appreciate everything, every little thing.

This terrifying experience didn't break Lisa, but only made her stronger.

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