Never Too Old For Friends: How Not To Be Lonely After 60

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November 2, 2018 18:34 By Fabiosa

Loneliness is a real problem for seniors, who often face isolation and don’t have anyone to talk to. When people go to work every day, they always have someone to talk to. But after retirement, loneliness becomes a real problem.

According to The Eagle, approximately 20-43% of American adults at aged 60 and older have experienced frequent or intense loneliness.

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Finding new social connections at such an age can be a tough task. Of course, new technologies offer much more opportunities nowadays. It's now possible to stay in touch with friends and family using Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. Nevertheless, 'online' friendship can’t fully substitute friends in real life.

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As reported by the Sixty and Me, there are some useful tips for getting friends at 60 and above:

Admit that you are lonely

Try to separate yourself from your loneliness, and understand that it is not your fault. Many people feel the same way, but they all deserve true friendship and support.

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Imagine your future friend

Try to think about qualities you are looking for in a friend. In this way, you can figure out the right place to meet new people. It can be a fitness class, a language club, etc. Just do the activities you enjoy, and don’t be afraid to engage in conversation.

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Start with existing social networks

The easiest way to fight loneliness is to reconnect with old friends. Try to remember the people you used to spend a lot of time with in high school, college, or work. Maybe you can start meeting up again. Social networks can help you find those people.

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Men can be good friends, too

In fact, friendship between women and men really does exist. So don’t be afraid to meet up with someone who shares your interests, regardless of their gender.

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Even though finding friends is not an easy task for seniors, there are many ways to beat loneliness. Just remember that you deserve to have a good friend, and you definitely will.

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