Astonishing! Engaged Couple Gets A Dual 'Ambush Makeover' That Renews Their Love

Date May 10, 2019

It's simply stunning to experience a surprise makeover and get transformed. Breathtaking Ambush Makeover revamp has been changing people from their regular 'before' to the shocking 'after'.

'Ambush Makeover' breathtaking transformation  

Ambush Makeover glam team include celebrity hairstylist Louis Licari and fashion stylist Jill Martin.

They take people from 'everyday regular' to 'really amazing' by styling or cutting their hair and also, changing their outfits. Licari and Martin restyled 60-year-old Andy and his wife Gale, and the results were astonishing.

Engaged couple's transformation rekindled their love

Gale and Andy had their fresh looks revealed on Valentine's day edition of Today, and they couldn't control their elation.

Gale screamed when her husband's revamp was revealed.

They lovingly hugged each other, and he gave her a lovely bunch of red roses.

It was all worth it and indeed, the pair could not believe their eyes.

Speak of a perfect Valentine's day gift! Well, not just the transformation, but the rejuvenation of love. 

Style advice from Jill Martin

Since Jill has done such a fantastic job styling people, including celebrities, we decided to direct our attention towards her style tips. The celebrity stylist says that we clear our closets of superfluous items, which will probably be 75%. She then guides us to organize the new space with hangers so we can see our stuff.


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For shoes, she suggests we stack them if we do not have space while considering accessibility and viewability. Lastly, Jill recommends that we spend a weekend doing this!

Sounds like work. Although, it seems like it will be worth it in the end. Would you be taking Martin's advice?