Psychology Experts Analyze Melania Trump's Red Christmas Trees: The Result Is Quite Disturbing!

Date December 3, 2018 19:27

Melania Trump’s Handmaid’s Tale inspired Christmas trees sent the internet on a meltdown last week after the Holiday decorations were unveiled at the White House.

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Melania's red Christmas

The shocking red trees that replaced Mrs. Trump’s snow enchanted trees from last year earned her a lot of criticism from Americans.

But psychologist and design experts say Melania may have been sending some strange anti-holiday signals. And some of their analyses are disturbing.

Should you be worried about her choice?

Design psychologist Dr. Toby Israel tells The Guardian that the First Lady’s choice induces a sense of detachment from nature and with it the psychological comfort people derive from the natural world.

Another psychologist Susan Painter says the abundant red could be a sign of disruption that takes away the easing of stress associated with the season:

By going against that tradition, the red trees ‘disrupt’ what we think of as the meaning of Christmas; the familiarity, the comfort, the easing of stress and uncertainty, the respite from the rush of events.

Reaction to criticism

But, New York designer Lori Weitzner says the choice may just signify that the First Lady is simply taking risks to live out loud and not thinking about the consequences.


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Despite the outrage, Melania does not really care for her critiques and agrees with Weitzner. She says it's appropriately modern.

Psychology Experts Analyze Melania Trump's Red Christmas Trees: The Result Is Quite Disturbing!gettyimages

While Americans express concern for her choice of Christmas decor, the First Lady has never been more confident.

She told ABC News that the trees are an expression of her taste and she thinks they look fantastic. What do you think?

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